My Story

Hello and thank you so much for visiting my website! I have never done this before, but I am giving it my best shot! Scentsy is an AMAZING product, which is what first brought me to wanting to sell it. I was going through a hard time in my life, which was my 17 year old son, the youngest of four children, was diagnosed with an inoperable and cancerous brain tumor. It was devastating to have this happen to one of my children. We were later blessed when we were contacted by a doctor from Children's Hospital who felt he could do the surgery. He informed us that he wouldn't be able to remove the whole tumor because of its difficult and dangerous location, but he could relieve the pressure that the tumor was causing since the pressure was causing him to have seizures.      Okay, it’s time to tell you that my son's name is Daniel. You see, Daniel was taking his high school classes at our local college when he started having seizures, which is what led us to find out about the tumor. So Daniel came out of surgery alive, thank God, literally! Daniel had some memory issues, and a mom who was on him and his life like we were attached as one! But seriously, what mom wouldn't be...Right? So here's my son wanting to have his freedom and I couldn't let him out of my sight for two minutes, let alone let him leave the house. Clearly I needed something to occupy my time and my mind, thus, releasing Daniels well being into Gods hands. This is when Scentsy came into my life!!! Which is why you are here, Right? Only, I couldn't just do a party here and a party there, which you can with this business, but I personally needed to really bust it out! We needed the money and I needed the distraction. Scentsy can allow you to just get free product now and then, but you can also make LOTS of money. We all want that, Right? It is a wonderful new company that is growing at a break-neck speed. Plus, let’s face it; fires from candles are a huge problem, especially for households with children and/or pets. Scentsy warmers are wickless, flameless and smokeless and they make your house, even your car smell great! For me, things in life can be challenging, and my house may not qualify for the neatest house on the block, but if my house smells good, life is good!<!--endbody-->